Story Crafting Summer Camp with Motivational Speaker and Storytelling Expert, Kelly Swanson


Just watching Kelly Swanson speak is like attending a masterclass in storytelling. Participating in her program is like getting a master’s degree. Kelly not only teaches you how to craft a compelling, entertaining and relevant story, she also explains how to deliver it powerfully—with humor, emotion, effective timing and pacing, etc. I walked away from the workshop with a significantly better keynote, one that allowed me to make a stronger connection with my audiences. I recommend her for anyone who wants to become a better, more successful, and higher-earning speaker!

President-Elect FL Speakers Association

Kelly Swanson isn’t just one of the best storytellers in NSA (National Speakers Association), she is an artistic genius; a story-crafter par excellence. She understands how to take apart a story and put it back together so that when you deliver it your audience is right with you every step of the way. She is generous of spirit, authentic, funny, and a delight to work with.

Helen Turnbull, PhD, CSP
CEO, Human Facets

SummDSC_5958er Camp Dates: July 26-28 (Thursday-Saturday)   2018

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I’ve been a speaker for 22 years and I thought my stories were already good. But when I decided to attend camp, lean in and commit 100% to Kelly’s process an amazing thing happened.  I took one sentence from my introduction and turned it into a killer new keynote. How is that possible?  With her Story Formula training is was actually very easy. No matter how experienced a speaker you are, consider going to camp. It might just rock your world. Laurie Guest, CSP (22 year speaker)

2017CampWhat is Story Crafting Summer Camp?

Kelly’s Story Crafting Summer Camp is a yearly event hosted by motivational speaker ,  award-winning storyteller, and Strategic Storytelling Expert, Kelly Swanson. Come to camp for three days of intensive training on the art of story crafting and storytelling, private writing time in a beautiful retreat setting, fellowship with other storytellers, and feedback on your story and delivery.  Get your mind blown and walk away with a template for crafting hundreds of stories. 1-800-303-1049

Where is Summer Camp?

This is the view from each lakeside cabin. Each cabin has four bedrooms with private baths.



Lake Logan Conference Center – Canton, NC UNPLUG! Focus on your Masterpiece!

This is the living room in the lakeside cabin. Each lakeside cabin that has four bedrooms and private baths, has a common area like this - with fireplace and mini kitchen.
This is the living room in the lakeside cabin. Each lakeside cabin that has four bedrooms and private baths, has a common area like this – with fireplace and mini kitchen.

Say good-bye to standard conference rooms with fluorescent lighting and join us in a beautiful soul-filling rustic lake retreat setting.   Tucked in the woods about 25 miles from Asheville, NC.   This is the place where we literally unplug and put the rest of the world on hold. It’s the perfect place to write. The perfect place to reflect.

When we're not writing outside in nature, we're working in this meeting room. Occasionally we see a deer peeking in the window.
When we’re not writing outside in nature, we’re working in this meeting room. Occasionally we see a deer peeking in the window.

The perfect place to get clarity on your message. The perfect place to make a memory.

And this is where we EAT! Your room reservation at Lake Logan includes three meals a day.
And this is where we EAT! Your room reservation at Lake Logan includes three meals a day.

Summer Camp Dates: July 26-28 (Thursday-Saturday)   2018


    “I arrived at Camp with a great story; I left with the skills to tell it.”       Margo Talbot

What would it mean to you if you could craft a story that allowed you to connect and engage with your market, your audience, or your world on a deeper level?

In our fast-paced digital world, people crave CONNECTION and ENGAGEMENT more than ever before. Words are your greatest asset to form this connection. And STORY is your greatest tool. This camp will teach you the core components to crafting stories that connect and engage, no matter what your industry or platform.

Campers will learn….

  • Six secrets to connecting and engaging through the power of your story

  • How to use effective and compelling storytelling across many platforms

  • Story Structure (and Presentation Structure if that’s your need)

  • Crafting the three stories of influence to connect and engage with your market and audience

  • How to find story ideas, write the story, tell the story, and apply it in a business setting

  • Advanced writing and storytelling techniques to deliver more impactful stories

Where do passionate storytellers go for storytelling ideas and inspiration? Kelly Swanson. I attended Kelly’s Storycrafting camp in Lake Logan, NC. If you’re serious about finding and nurturing your inner storyteller, you will, too. The camp was a mix of classroom activities, coaching sessions, story swaps, and quick “hot seat” critiques where stories were unpacked and rebuilt in mere minutes. At the center of this whirlwind is Kelly Swanson – unassuming, down to earth, delightful to work with, and endlessly entertaining. Kelly’s talent with story is obvious; she’s a savant … but she’s that rarest of virtuosos who can teach as well as she performs. Between Kelly and her wingman Laurie Guest, everything ran on time, everyone got to share their ideas, and everyone received the input they expected. Camp ran like clockwork, but never felt rigid or gridlocked. That’s a tough order to fill when you’re dealing with a room full of creative speakers and storytellers. No less remarkable is the group of people who attended camp to engage with Kelly’s ideas – a neurologist, an ice climber, a preacher, an actor, seasoned speakers, some just getting their feet wet, and others came together as if Kelly had handpicked characters for a novel. On Thursday night, we were all strangers. Through the power of shared story, by Friday night, name tags were no longer needed. By Sunday morning we had become a community of storytelling friends. To call Story Crafting Camp a “workshop” or “professional development” would be a gross understatement. This event is where a diverse group of people come together to – without realizing it – craft a story about a diverse group of people coming together. I’m a better storyteller and a better person for having been a part of that story. If you’re an experienced speaker and aren’t sure whether the discussion will dive deep enough to serve your professional needs, put your hesitation aside and sign up for the next session; you’ll be challenged. If you’ve never told a story in public but know you have one inside you, you’ll receive all the support and encouragement you need to find and share it. Unlike many speakers, my problem has never been finding my story; it’s been finding which ones to use from my endless list and how to apply them. With camp behind me, and with gratitude to Kelly and my fellow storytellers, I am focused. I am writing. I am ready. Best camp EVER! Dave Bricker


Kelly Swanson took what was already a money making speech for me and turned it into a standing ovation masterpiece. Kelly took my stuck ideas and my active ideas and turned them funny and connecting in a way I had only imagined. She has “it”. She gets “it” and helped me get “it” too.     There are few people who are as sweet as they are smart and Kelly is one of those people. Do not walk but RUN to Kelly Swanson to take your speaking to a whole new blow- your -mind level of success. She did it for me and I know she can do it for you. Shivan Sarna, HSN Host and Speaker

Working with Kelly completely changed how I look, write and deliver both my keynotes and my workshops. Her ability to help me redesign my content to include powerful stories, strong points, and humor, has literally turned my work from good to memorable. And memorable gets me booked. In addition, I worked with Kelly on my presentation skills, and her talent for  teaching the art of delivery, I believe has contributed significantly to increasing my bookings and my audiences. Working with Kelly is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and one I plan on repeating – often! Meridith Elliott Powell Business Growth Expert Speaker, Author CampPicRandom

Master the Art of Connection and Engagement through the Power of YOUR Story