Story Crafting Summer Camp with Motivational Speaker and Storytelling Expert, Kelly Swanson

What is Story Crafting Summer Camp?

Kelly’s Story Crafting Summer Camp is a yearly event hosted by motivational speaker and award-winning storyteller, Kelly Swanson ( Come to camp for three days of intensive training on the art of story crafting and storytelling, private writing time in a beautiful retreat setting, fellowship with other storytellers, and feedback on your story and delivery. Nights are filled with fun story swaps and a performance by Kelly Swanson.

Master the art of connection and engagement through the power of YOUR story. No matter what your profession.


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2017 CAMP:

July 27-29, 2017  Western North Carolina

Pre-Camp Session with Laurie Guest – July 26
Discounts offered for alumni campers and coaching clients of Kelly Swanson.

Download the Camp PDF Flyer:  2017StoryCraftingCampPricingFlyerlaurie

Announcing 2017 Camp Counselor, Laurie Guest! In addition to being your 2017 Camp Counselor, Laurie will be offering a pre-camp session “Get Booked and Get Paid.”

Join us for a small group Summer Story Crafting Camp with Kelly Swanson as she teaches you her process and formula for creating award-winning stories.  Form relationships with other campers.  Go off on your own private writing sessions. Receive feedback on your work. It’s a magical experience where you learn, write, fellowship, and watch your stories come to life.





“I arrived at Camp with a great story; I left with the skills to tell it.”       Margo Talbot

What would it mean to you if you could craft a story that allowed you to connect and engage with your market, your audience, or your world on a deeper level?

In our fast-paced digital world, people crave CONNECTION and ENGAGEMENT more than ever before. Words are your greatest asset to form this connection. And STORY is your greatest tool. This camp will teach you the core components to crafting stories that connect and engage, no matter what your industry or platform.

Campers will learn….

  • Six secrets to connecting and engaging through the power of your story
  • How to use effective and compelling storytelling across many platforms
  • Story Structure (and Presentation Structure if that’s your need)
  • Crafting the three stories of influence to connect and engage with your market and audience
  • How to find story ideas, write the story, tell the story, and apply it in a business setting
  • Advanced writing and storytelling techniques to deliver more impactful stories


 There are no words I can use to truly describe Kelly’s Storycrafting Camp.  It changed me and my work in ways that are almost inexplicable.  You have to go thru it to understand but let me give it a try here.

I came wanting to work on a few of my stories that I regularly use in keynotes, to craft a new intro for one of my talks and maybe learn a few new techniques.  I left having re written the stories so that they’re fantastic and Kelly helped me craft an intro that sucks audiences in from the first sentence.   But more importantly my thought process around story writing was completely transformed.

Now with anything I write,  I’m able to bring the audience on a journey along with me instead of simply telling them what happened.   People are connected, engaged and want more.  This is the mark of a great keynote.

The thing that’s so impressive about Kelly is that she takes the time to get to know you and your style so that her ideas and jokes for you sound like you, not her.  She comes up with mind blowing ideas for your material that you may have never seen for yourself.  So almost instantly you’ll be sounding like a 5 figure keynoter that has humor and depth around your content.

During camp, you’ll learn more from watching her coach others than you ever thought possible and you’ll have plenty of freedom to write and take time for yourself when you want.  You’ll make friends that last and you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry.

Do yourself a favor and go.  This is your chance to work with a true master.  Kelly has a command of  language that few do and it will rub off on you.  A keynote that absolutely wows your audiences is the best marketing you’ll ever do.  So when you’re serious about building your speaking business- no matter what level you’re at-  do yourself a favor and sign up now.  You’ll be glad you did. Traci Brown  

 Kelly’s Camp was incredibly beneficial. Besides being a talented speaker, Kelly is also a wonderful facilitator. Kelly has a gift for helping you focus on what will sell and what will work in a speech. She is incredibly experienced and intuitive about how to put together a story and make it authentic to you. She sees material in a way that is brilliant, humorous and touching. Kelly is incredibly giving and generous. You don’t want to miss the experience of Kelly’s Camp, if you are serious about going to the next level in your career. Lori Klinka Speaker, Trainer, Speaking Coach NSA-IL Member of the Year Speaking and Acting Faculty, Columbia College Chicago


Kelly Swanson took what was already a money making speech for me and turned it into a standing ovation masterpiece. Kelly took my stuck ideas and my active ideas and turned them funny and connecting in a way I had only imagined. She has “it”. She gets “it” and helped me get “it” too.     There are few people who are as sweet as they are smart and Kelly is one of those people. Do not walk but RUN to Kelly Swanson to take your speaking to a whole new blow- your -mind level of success. She did it for me and I know she can do it for you. Shivan Sarna, HSN Host and Speaker 

Working with Kelly completely changed how I look, write and deliver both my keynotes and my workshops. Her ability to help me redesign my content to include powerful stories, strong points, and humor, has literally turned my work from good to memorable. And memorable gets me booked. In addition, I worked with Kelly on my presentation skills, and her talent for  teaching the art of delivery, I believe has contributed significantly to increasing my bookings and my audiences. Working with Kelly is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and one I plan on repeating – often! Meridith Elliott Powell Business Growth Expert Speaker, Author


Kelly Swanson changed my life. This is not an overstatement. As my speaking coach, Kelly helped me create a one-of-a-kind, killer keynote that truly highlights my talents as a speaker and hoopdancer while weaving in valuable content that my clients are clamoring for. She has an uncanny gift of helping people create the most emotional, powerful and HILARIOUS stories, and she is totally selfless when it comes to sharing her great ideas and constructive feedback. Thanks to Kelly, my speech is now a captivating performance that delivers standing ovations, higher fees, and more bookings. She is a delightful, open-hearted, powerhouse of a talent that knows how to make every speaker shine! I highly recommend her for speakers who want to take their programs to the stratosphere. Theresa Rose


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