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“I took what I learned at camp and immediately put it to use in my next speech.  It was one of the best I have ever given and I have no doubt it was because of putting this new knowledge to work.I’ve been speaking for 25 years and have been doing just fine with my skills.  But by using the information Kelly shared in camp and in her Pink Zebra learning system (CD and workbook) I was able to instantly improve my keynote. I’m not saying this because she is my friend, I’m saying it because it is cross-my-heart true.”  Laurie Guest, CSP

Kelly Swanson IS the go to coach for creating your unique/ dynamic / funny / message. She is truly an artist with the ability of understanding your voice and making sure that your message is the best it can be. She helped shape my presentation so that future audiences will have empathy, gain valuable lessons and be throughly entertained. Within  a few moments of working with her you will experience her passion and know that you have chosen the right coach. Scott Shellstrom

frame-000092Who Will Benefit From This Camp:

  • Anybody who has something to say, but you’re not sure HOW to say it
  • Anybody who has words that need to be made more powerful
  • Anybody who wants to be a better storyteller and increase their power of connection and engagement
  • Anybody who knows they have a story to tell


All attendees must have a clear idea of what they want to say – their brand and their message.

Not all applicants will be accepted. There are only a limited number of seats available and we must choose speakers who will benefit the most in this environment.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with your camp experience.

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  1. Someday. Someday soon I will be in a position to attend your Keynote Camp. I am just giving you a heads up, or a warning, depending on your viewpoint. I wish you continued success and have enjoyed your work via video recordings. I met you briefly at NSA 15 (my first) and you were as lovely and gracious in person as you are on stage.
    All the best,

  2. Hello Breeda. This website has received thousands of spam comments, and yours got buried. Sorry I missed this one! I do hope that you will come to camp. It is now called Story Crafting Camp to focus more on story and include people who aren’t necessarily speakers. This comment makes my heart sing. It’s nice to know that people want to come. The next one is in June in Colorado. If you want to come but have something holding you back, then send me an email to and we’ll set up a phone chat to discuss it. Have a super wonderful day. See you in the hallways at convention this year. :)

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