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Brilliant, kind, and funny as hell.  Kelly Swanson is a storyteller whisperer. ​Her Story Impact Academy Master Classes​ are packaged in a clever, accessible online business model. Kelly quickly gets to the gist of a few storytellers’ tales to offer keen insights for storytelling mastery. Where have you been all my life?
Thanks, Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP, Storytelling White Belt

There are no words I can use to truly describe Kelly’s Story Crafting Camp.  It changed me and my work in ways that are almost inexplicable.  You have to go thru it to understand but let me give it a try here.

I came wanting to work on a few of my stories that I regularly use in keynotes, to craft a new intro for one of my talks and maybe learn a few new techniques.  I left having re written the stories so that they’re fantastic and Kelly helped me craft an intro that sucks audiences in from the first sentence.   But more importantly my thought process around story writing was completely transformed.  Now with anything I write,  I’m able to bring the audience on a journey along with me instead of simply telling them what happened.   People are connected, engaged and want more.  This is the mark of a great keynote.

The thing that’s so impressive about Kelly is that she takes the time to get to know you and your style so that her ideas and jokes for you sound like you, not her.  She comes up with mind blowing ideas for your material that you may have never seen for yourself.  So almost instantly you’ll be sounding like a 5 figure keynoter that has humor and depth around your content.

During camp, you’ll learn more from watching her coach others than you ever thought possible and you’ll have plenty of freedom to write and take time for yourself when you want.  You’ll make friends that last and you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry.

Do yourself a favor and go.  This is your chance to work with a true master.  Kelly has a command of  language that few do and it will rub off on you.  A keynote that absolutely wows your audiences is the best marketing you’ll ever do.  So when you’re serious about building your speaking business- no matter what level you’re at-  do yourself a favor and sign up now.  You’ll be glad you did.
Traci Brown

The first moment I saw Kelly Swanson on stage I fell in love with her humanity, her mastery of storytelling and her craft. She seamlessly goes from moment to moment and takes the audience on an extraordinary emotional journey where the learning is embedded within it. She doesn’t do any of the typical “I’m now going to tell you the learning point,” and yet the learning seeps into our hearts and head in a subtle yet powerful way. We learn through our emotions not through our intellect is the message Kelly gives me and she’s spot on.

Being in this business long enough, I knew that the easier it looked the more rigor it took, and in Kelly’s case, it was no exception.  I worked with Kelly’s method and was delighted by what I found. I worked her step-by-step system that is very easy to follow, but definitely takes a commitment to do. It really challenges you as a speaker to turn your speech from monologue to dialogue. Kelly’s system elegantly helps the speaker knit together the expert’s humanity with their professional expertise. I came away totally confident that I had found the missing link in my speech and that my keynotes will never be the same.

Lastly I want to say that Kelly loving pushes her clients and following to get to the heart of what they’re saying as speakers in order to make the most impact to the people they serve. She will push you out of your familiarity zone but in such a loving gentle way. She’s wicked brave and her system will help you be brave and connected with your audience in a way that you never dreamed possible…and ultimately isn’t that what it’s about?”
Lois Barth
Courage to SPARKLE
Human Development Expert, Motivational Humorist, Provocateur/Jester

I have finished all of the workshops on your program and want you to know it was worth every penny.  During your workshops, I realized that I am the guy that has tortured my audience with “important data” slides that I thought were so compelling to my message.  Now I realize, I was boring them to tears. Through your workshops, I have been able to craft a story that has brought those same data points to life.  I love telling stories now!  I will continue to revisit the workshops because I know that by doing so, my stories will get even better.
Patrick Veroneau, M.S.

When I took Kelly Swanson’s Storytelling class, I found SO many useful ideas and tips.  As a performer and director, I have been in the “storytelling” business since I was a child.  And as a speaker trainer, I am always looking to learn from the greats in order to help my clients.  Not to mention improving my own presentations. 

Learning from Kelly Swanson is like an advanced master class in the art of using stories to educate and inspire.  I have listened to the recordings over and over. 

Anyone who has been a professional entertainer knows that Groucho Marx was right when he said “Dying is easy.  Comedy is hard.”  Kelly Swanson not only teaches you how to jazz up your stories, she makes it easy and fun! 

Run, don’t walk to work with her.  You will be so glad you did!
Elizabeth Bachman, The Star Maker for Speakers.

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